Tuesday, August 19, 2008


OK, I'm off on a tirade!! Health care! Lukas' epilepsy medication just doubled in price. This time a year ago it was under $70. Now it's $138. We pay almost $1500 a month in health insurance, which wouldn't be so bad if it covered our health care, but it doesn't. Our deductibles run over $4000, and then it covers 80% of our doctor bills.

This is just insane. And depressing.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Been having another heat wave. That's put an end to my pasture mowing for a while, which is probably for the best because that last patch of poison ivy got onto my arms.

Not much to write about, pumpkins and squash are looking good, gophers killed the cukes in one of my raised beds (next year I'm buying some hardware cloth and put that down in it), got a plague of grasshoppers. When I'm mowing in the pasture I have to pluck them off me and out of my clothes. It sure is fun to watch the chickens chase them though.

I've got some photos to share. First are pool pictures:
First is Mark catching the football, then Christian throwing Scottie into the water, then Mark/Nick and Christian/Scottie having a pool fight.

Then there's a hummer on my feeder:

Then there's Whiskers trying to take a nap.

But Squeak feels like playing...

We just can't let a sleeping cat lay there... Let's tease it!

OK, lay off already!! Now I'm REALLY annoyed!

OK, stand off.

Now Leave Me Alone!