Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Life just shouldn't be so complicated.

I bought a coffee/expresso machine several months ago, figuring to cut down on clutter on the counter (I like expresso, David likes his coffee weak). Last week it started blowing the circuit, and finally a couple of days ago it quit. My self cleaning litter box (less than a year old) quit working, so I figured I'd save the $100 and just clean the box myself. That lasted 2 days before I decided the $100 was well worth it. I've been having ongoing problems with my satellite receiver (signal dropping, etc.) and the tech has been out twice in the last month to try to fix it. My lawnmower deck has been making awful noises (my own fault, I know, for trying to mow a pasture with it). What else? Oh, Lukas got a cold, and now he's complaining about his good ear being clogged up. Why, please tell me, does he have all the problems on the good side, and not the deaf side. The deaf side produces almost no earwax, whereas the good side produces it overtime. I've done the peroxide soak twice in the last week, and I'll do it again when I get him up. Oh, and there's Tynha. She's the loveliest dog, but she's 13 and has hip dysplasia, and has started leaking. And she always insists on sleeping in my bedroom. Last night she tried getting up and fell down, which woke me up (besides the howling cold front that came in last night), but she tried again and got up and went to my door, which had blown shut, so I had to get up to let her out of the bedroom, and then had to go wash the pee off my leg where she brushed up against me.

I know it's just about time to put her down, but it's not quite yet. Not when she lays on the floor and puts her paw up to her face and whines/barks to come play with her. Not quite yet.

Oh, and yesterday I went and bought a new expresso machine (NOT a combo), got it home and was going to make a cup of coffee, and discovered the coffee filter for it was missing! ARRRRGGGGGG!!! Life just shouldn't be this complicated!