Friday, October 11, 2013

A very impressive young lady,

Monday, October 07, 2013

The Internet is a wonderful tool which can be abused by unscrupulous people. I was on Pinterest searching for horse drawings to pin on one of my boards. It’s a way of getting other artists’ works noticed, and their work is an inspiration to me. Much to my surprise, I came across a very familiar horse drawing, and was not so pleasantly surprised to see a young woman claiming to have done it herself. I filed a copyright complaint with Pinterest and waited until today to see if it would be taken down. In the meantime, a friend left a comment about it not being her drawing. This is the what has transpired,

Horse drawing I’ve drawn :) good?

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Sarah Arthur

  • laureldiebolt_1347399951_30-2013-10-7-19-24.jpg
    Laurel Rigoulot Diebolt
    That’s ‘interesting’ that you say you’ve drawn this, because I know the original artist you’ve copied this from… I know she has kindly asked you to take it down, too.
  • 1__%252524%252521%252540%252521__saraharthur10-1376936035_30-2013-10-7-19-24.jpg
    Sarah Arthur
    I have drawn It from a reference photo, which the reference photo was probably was hers. If you’d like, I can take it off Pinterest. I haven’t sold it or anything, but kept my drawing for me to look at. But I have drawn it, I can show you my “Drawing in progress” photos. I’m sorry if I offended her.
  • betsyinmn_1327790695_30-2013-10-7-19-24.jpg
    Sarah, please remove this pin. You couldn’t have drawn it from a reference photo because I took the photo myself and have never posted it. And if you want to be an artist, I would suggest you research copyright law and infringement. Under the Fair Use law drawing from a photo is acceptable to a certain degree, but tracing over another artist’s work and calling it your own is very unethical.
  • missyhilger_1329456551_30-2013-10-7-19-24.jpg
    Missy Hilger
    I also follow the work of the original artist. This belongs to someone else and is very unethical.
  • badcatdesigns_1330727843_30-2013-10-7-19-24.jpg
    Lynne Kasper
    Please remove this pin. My Betsy is a wonderful artist and your copy is not flattery is is unethical.

Here is my drawing on the left, and hers on the right,


My drawing has my name on it, which she erased and replaced with her own. The pin still hasn’t been taken down.

On to better things. Gertrude saying hello to me,


Does she look like she’s bulging out a bit? I think so (she’s the one on the very left).


Dexter, the bull,


And here are the chicks in the greenhouse. I’m going to let them out tomorrow for the first time, since it’s going to be such a nice day.



I’ve been very busy canning the past couple of weeks. I’ve frozen and canned I don’t know how many quarts of tomato sauce, in the area of 30 pints of grape juice, and now I’m making apple cider. I LOVE my steamer juicer, shown below. It’s just the cat’s meow!


And some beads I’ve recently listed,


Life is good…