Sunday, December 02, 2007


I had to laugh watching NBC Nightly News last night. They were covering the winter storm and the reporter went on to mention the frigid temperatures in Minneapolis, then they flashed to a bank thermometer showing 19°. This time of the year, 19° is, well, maybe not warm, but it's bearable. When it gets to -19°, that's frigid!!

I put some beads on ebay, but they're not selling. It's quite discouraging, especially when I stupidly reached across in front of the torch and burned the inside of my wrist a couple of days ago.

Tammie suggested etsy. I think I'll open an account there and give it a try. It's cheaper than ebay.

I haven't seen the cardinals for a week or so. I so enjoy their color. Right now I have the blue jays, nuthatches, juncos, goldfinches and sparrows. Adds a little life in a bleak, dark, cold landscape. Can you tell I hate winter?