Friday, July 12, 2013

Laying in bed watching Letterman, and one of his topics was Nik Wallenda walking the tightrope over the Grand Canyon. There was video of Wallenda on the tightrope and praying while he was walking, praying to Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I wonder if he thought he was going to be protected by all that praying, and I wonder if he has read the Bible, especially the verses about the stupid and foolish facing disaster, or maybe the ones about life being a precious gift.

Just my thoughts...

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Almost a month since I posted?!? Just nothing to write about, I suppose. I’ve been busy getting pasture mowed and the garden mulched. The weeds have been outpacing me, as usual. The heat has moved in this week, in the 90s. Yuck!!

Just flower photos today, I’ve got amaryllis bulbs blooming,



I made a mad dash outside to get photos, and was attacked by mosquitoes. Here’s some lilies blooming,


and my grapefruit tree has blossoms like crazy, and they smell sooooooo nice!


I thought this was an orange tree, and had one single fruit growing on it through the whole winter, and about a month ago, decided it was ripe enough to pick, and was quite surprised to find it was a grapefruit! Oh, it was so juicy and sweet-tart. Hopefully it’ll have more than one this year. I’ve got a lime tree that is getting big enough to get some blossoms on it this year, I hope.