Sunday, May 25, 2008


Boy, it sure is a good thing I've got a couple hundred beads laying around waiting to get listed on ebay or etsy, because I sure haven't been making many lately. My shoulder and arm have been getting worse, and I'm down to making just 1 or 2 beads a day. It's very frustrating! Next week I've an appointment with the chiropractor, the massage therapist, and the physical therapist. I sure hope with the combination they can help me get better. I'm also getting our pool filled up, even though it's still on the really chilly side for swimming, just so it'll be ready for when it does warm up enough for swimming. This is just the pits!

On the bright side, the Baltimore orioles are still hanging around, the crab trees are blooming, and the lilac bushes are finally getting ready to bloom. It's a wonderful time of the year.