Sunday, August 05, 2007


We're in Bozeman, Montana for the night, and glory be, they have wifi. I had to stop driving early today, about 4 p.m., because of the wind. One gust caught me and scared the crap out of me. Lots of wildfires out here, the air was smoky for a hundred miles.

I sure am glad Scott is along. It took longer to find an alternator than it did for him to pull it and put the new one in. And it works perfectly!!!

We got through eastern Washington and Idaho pretty quickly. We stopped in a small town on the interstate in Idaho to get some coffee and take a break. It's a town that progress passed by; they kept their old buildings instead of tearing them down and putting up new. The coffee shop was originally a tiny little church that was built in 1907. Still had the original floor and stained glass windows.

This was at Neah Bay, at low tide. Those are bald eagles in the foreground.

This is a picture I took the next morning.

Our last day at the beach. It was foggy, and I and Pip took a nice long walk and collected shells and sand dollars.

This was a cedar tree by Olympic National Park.

This is from our campground at Mt. Rainier.

There was an awful lot of damage to the roads on Mt. Rainier (and on Mt. Hood) from floods they had late last fall. This is a picture of one of the roads we were on. Unsettling...

And here is Pip relaxing. She certainly knows how to make herself comfortable.