Friday, February 22, 2008


The sun is shining, it's 56° and supposed to get to 68° today, and the birds are singing. What more can I say, other than I love it!

Monday was horrible, trying to get things out to the RV in freezing wind, and then driving in the wind. At least it was pushing us south. When we got down to Owatonna, we started getting into the blowing snow. It was close to white out conditions. Then when we got into Iowa, we started seeing cars in the ditches. It was down to 25-35 mph. Somewhere around Mason City, a wind gust pulled up the TV antenna and tore it off. I thought it was the awning, David thought it was a flat tire, it was so noisy. We pulled over and I went out, and saw the cable sticking up out of the roof, and figured it was the antenna. We finally stopped about 7:30 at a rest stop about 50 miles north of Des Moines. I counted 92 vehicles in the ditch, and there were more than that, because I laid down to take a nap while David drove, and then after dark, I couldn't see the other side of the freeway.

Tuesday night we stopped at a Walmart in Wheatland, Kansas for the night. We couldn't find the RV park we were looking for (we were only a couple of blocks from it, turns out). It was finally turning warmer, in the 60s. But then the next morning the cold front from the north moved in, and was cold again. Wednesday night we stopped at an RV park in Oklahoma.

Yesterday we got into Texas and went through Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin. We ended up at Crestview RV park south of Austin. If they had picnic tables, I'd be happier to stay longer so I could go out and do some drawing. But they do have wifi for all the computers and good cable, and I promised Lukas we'd stay here for tonight too, so he can was the last episode of 1 vs. 100 on the TV. He has not been handling the transition to the RV very well, although getting to watch TV and play the computer and ichat to Christian last night helped. Today we're going to go to Best Buy and buy a new DVD personal player for him so he can watch DVDs in bed after David & I go to sleep.

Tomorrow we're going to head down to Corpus Christi and try to get into a campground by the ocean, and they have a large pet shelter there I want to take Lukas to, and look for a small dog for him. I'm hoping to get a dog that will bond to him, and maybe he'll quit complaining about the dogs wanting to sleep with me and not with him.