Tuesday, May 22, 2007


IT'S RAINING!!! We've had a third of an inch already. It has been so dry here. I tried digging a post hole yesterday for a garden gate, and the dirt just sifted through the post hole digger. I quit when I got about a foot down.

I've been neglecting my blog. I've been working on beads, and doing more painting. I gave up on my ACEOs for a while because I wanted to try doing oils again. I've got three paintings in progress, a cheetah, a pair of chickadees in my crabapple tree, and a horse that I saw at the Horse Expo last month.

I've got another set of bead auctions on ebay ending tomorrow. I would have had more in the kiln except Saturday when the boys were here working on my front sidewalk, I got distracted and instead of turning the kiln control one click to the right (low), I turned it one click to the left (high). Results: blobs of glass.

I had better start selling some paintings and beads. We just got notice of the health insurance rate hike: up $332.27, to a total of $1,337.76 for the three of us. How do we continue this...