Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Last day of the year. Good riddance! We lost Shake day before yesterday. He was the youngest and smallest of the calves. This summer I'm going to super-insulate the chicken house so that if we ever get calves this young this late again, that's where they'll spend the winter. That's where Burger and Fries are, with the heat lamps on. Hopefully that was enough, because it got down to -20.9° last night. (I shouldn't whine; it could be worse. About 20 years ago it got down to -45°. That was on a mercury thermometer.) And another thing that's going to get done this summer, I'm going to build a couple of popcan solar heaters for the chicken house.

Oh well, only another 3 weeks and the days will start getting warmer. Spring is on the way!