Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I really need to have a camera in my bedroom, since that seems to be where the cutest pet photos are coming from and my camera phone just doesn’t do it.

Suka is like Pip, when he’s ready to go to sleep, he just wants to sleep. And of course, Christian has to pick on him! Suka says, ‘Just leave me alone, I’m soooo tired.’
Suka just flopped over in Christian’s arms,
and then flopped the other way onto the bed,
right next to Pip, who doesn’t like to share the bed!
And of course, now he’s wide awake...
My tip for the day: Lukas likes the foaming hand soap, but I didn’t like having to throw away the bottle and buy another one just to get foaming soap. I’ve found that filling the foaming soap bottle with water and adding about a tablespoon of shampoo gives you foaming soap. Much cheaper in the long run, and less going into the recycling.