Saturday, June 13, 2015

My garden is finally starting to show some color. It’s going to just pop once the lilies start to bloom.


I’ve sworn off of Monsanto’s chemicals, so I’m using heavy mulch and where I can’t do that, I’m spraying with vinegar, salt and Dawn dish soap. It does require more than a one-time spray, but that’s OK with me. Here’s some weeds and grass two days after spraying. I’ll go out tomorrow when it warms up and repeat it.



Quit reading if you’re a vegetarian!

Ahhh, ribeyes on the hoof (except for Molly). From left to right, Liverwurst, Kabob, Molly and Jerky.


This picture gives one a better idea of how Kabob has grown; that’s Dex, our bull, on the left behind Kabob.


Sigh, life on a farm that doesn’t butcher chickens… a hen with three roosters chasing her. She’s just lucky there weren’t more.


We tried something new last fall, we put a tarp over the pool to see if it would help with the cleaning in the spring. We hooked up the tarp to the bobcat and pulled it out, and barely a leaf in the pool.


Too bad for the frogs, though, that were in it (they survived the tarp removal and jumped back into the pool).


Some funny pics: