Monday, December 07, 2015

Oh, I saw the cutest commercial with two of my favorite subjects, horse + Amazon.

Lukas and I along with my nephew and his son and grandsons went Friday for a dry run with the new RV. We stayed overnight at Frontenac State Park, south of Red Wing. It was a beautiful place, and I would really like to go back in the spring or fall. Bet we wouldn’t be the only ones in the campsite then.IMG_7608copy-2015-12-7-20-55.jpgIMG_3117copy-2015-12-7-20-55.jpgIMG_7611copy-2015-12-7-20-55.jpg
Of course we had to take the two little dogs with, since they’re mandatory on any RV trip.

There were a couple of hitches, we couldn’t figure out why the electricity wasn’t working with the generator on, so Lukas couldn’t play his playstation while I was driving. I ordered an inverter that will be hard wired to the house battery so that won’t be a problem on the next trip. We also found out the outlets in the kitchen don’t work, so that will have to be checked out tomorrow when I take the RV in to get a rear leveling jack replaced. Also have to replace the house battery, it isn’t holding a charge. I have a truckers Rand McNally map book coming, for sure need that! Last time I neglected to check that before going on a road, I ended up pulling over and throwing up (from stress of being on a narrow switchback road with no place to turn around).

If everything goes right, in less than two weeks, we’ll be on our way to Florida. Warm sunshine, sandy beaches and ocean, green grass… getting excited!!

Never ceases to amaze me, how huge these woodpeckers are!
And some humor,