Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Taking a break from the Wacko for a while. It's early yet, she doesn't start picking on people until evening.

I've got some cute photos. I have 4 ferrets. Ferrets are like 2 year olds, go go go and then crash. And when ferrets crash, they sleep like the dead! The first photo is Fang. She fell asleep with her head in the food dish. The second is Canuke, my oldest girl. I have cardboard boxes stuffed with packing peanuts, hay and herbs and I cut holes cut in the sides for them to go in to and sleep. Canuke only got half way in before she fell asleep, LOL.

And here's a finch. He was so bright red I had to grab the camera. I had a hawk out in the front of the house yesterday, and the stupid cat tried stalking it. It flew away before I could get a photo. What did the cat think he was going to do if he caught it? It was nearly as big as him!
And here's my Stupid Cat Photo of the day. Kittens are so funny, why oh why do they have to grow up?!

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rosebud101 said...

Great photos, Lydia! I'm glad your life is feeling a bit more normal now.

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