Saturday, August 29, 2009


OK, time to catch up on the Wacko. In case you're just jumping in now, you should go back to the July 24th posting to start at the beginning of this saga.

She's slowing down a bit, posting rehashes or single targets, instead of her usual 2 or 3 a day. Getting tired of all those phone calls to file false reports?

Lacie of A Sugar Affair, a baker
Robin, a lampworker, of SomethingNew4U
and Catherine, another lampworker, of Catherine Howard Beads

OK, the dirty stuff is done for tonight.

It's cold and gloomy here tonight, cloudy and a north wind reminding us that summer is ending. Usually this time of the year the cicadas are singing, but I've heard just one so far, and my garden was a horrible failure this year. The tomatoes are just now starting to ripen, even the cherry tomatoes. The only things that grew well were the weeds. At least my flower garden did better. The nicotania and 4 o-clocks are blooming and smelling lovely, and the dahlias and hibiscus are just gorgeous! Tomorrow I really need to get out and take photos.

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