Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Fun or the Wacko first? OK, we'll do the fun. My sister, her grandson Scottie, my son Christian and I went to the state fair today. When you have a 9 yr. old along with, you do things at the fair that you wouldn't do otherwise. Like watching piglets being born and walking the midway. Pigs are not my favorite animal, not since one killed my pet lamb and ate it when I was a kid, and then 3 of them chased me up a tree, most likely with the same intentions. Even so, I dislike seeing the way modern farm animals are treated. The sows are kept in iron barred containers that are about 3' wide for 3 weeks after they give birth, so they don't accidentally lay on the piglets. I'm sure there's a better way to prevent that, but it's probably more expensive.

OK, OK, on to the fun. Walking the Midway is fun? Not at my age! When did they decide that blaring music from huge speakers would make people enjoy themselves more? Oh, the sacrifices one makes. :) If Scottie weren't such a cute little squirt... but he is, so there we were, up and down the Midway trying to find the Mouse ride. Never did find it, but we found the bumper cars.
See, I told you he was cute!

I quite like this young man (he's been on several RV trips with us). He is polite, generous and kind. We stopped at a rock shop in the Grandstand, and he was browsing through all of the rocks and fossils, and not once did he say 'I want this' or 'Can I have this?' He got to pick out a nice chunk of amethyst as a reward.

OK, now to the complete opposite of human nature, the Wacko. This woman needs to get a life and do something constructive instead of spending all of her time defaming people just because they're in the same fields that she was. I love the way she ends each post, "When the Authorities finish their case, we won't know details about it, but they THANK US, and in some states, we even get rewarded." What a hoot!!

OK, now to catch up. She was quite busy Sunday, very Christian of her to work overtime on a Sunday (she once posted something about God helping us. People like her are why there are atheists).

Christina of TheFetchingHound, a baker
Laurie of LaurieGeller, a lampworker
Coren of Elephannie, a decal maker who has collaborated with Farrah
Farrah of SweetPaperie, a rubber stamp designer
Sarah of SaricaBeads, a lampworker
Rebecca of Firamarina, a lampworker

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