Friday, September 04, 2009


OK, my sister and I were laughing about this, so I decided to post it here. It might provide a chuckle.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday to get new glasses ($500 later, and that was using my old frames!!) and to try to make him understand what I've been complaining about for the last 3 years, that I'm seeing double. Well, this time he did some measurements. My left eyeball is pulling to the left, and he said the only thing that will fix it is surgery. Yah, right, like I can afford that. Well, my sight is so bad on that side anyway, and then when he told me that, I made the comment that my left eye was getting pretty much useless. He said it was a good thing that we have two eyes. Huh?!?! I should have asked him how he would feel if he only had one testicle. Sheesh, a lot of empathy there.

I like the suggestion that a very funny lady on LE had for me. Her husband has a repair facility and by laying me out on the alignment machine and giving me a good yank and pull that might fix it. And he'd give me a good rate too. I laughed so hard I was crying!

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