Friday, March 02, 2007


We're in New Jersey at a campground, and it is raining and glooming. I'm going to the King Tut exhibit this afternoon in Philadelphia, and then we're heading west to home.

We went through Washington D.C. yesterday. They have some huge buildings there, 2-3 blocks long. We went right by the Smithsonian. If we ever come back here, I want to go there and spend the day there. The KOA that we stopped at in Virginia has a shuttle to the train to Washington, so maybe next year. We'll see. The pictures I got of the White House aren't very good. After 9/11 they closed off the road in front of it, so you can't get very close to it anymore. But we drove by the Washington monument and the Lincoln Memorial. It was neat to see what we did of them.

And then there was the bridge we went over. I'm not posting the picture David took of me driving. I look like a spooked horse, ready to jump. Honestly, after all of these bridges, the Golden Gate would be a breeze. At least that one is just straight across, not the going way up in the air.

Christian says he's snowed in, and the schools are closed. At least it's March, and the snow won't be around too much longer.

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