Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tom Brokaw put it very well when he tweeted “It is not enough to talk about access to guns. We also have to address a popular culture that treats graphic violence as routine.”


Judy Ponce said...

Hi Betsy,
What a terrible tragedy to all those poor babies and families. Piers Morgan was just speaking to Phillips Van Cleave who is a pro guns activist and a really horrible human being. He literally bragged how much fun a semi automatic rifle is to shoot, and that autos kill more people then guns do. Piers really ripped in to him. But he just smirked and said gun sales are only going to go up. Senator Feinstein is reintroducing another ban on on these type of guns , apparently there use to be a ban on them a while back.

betsymn said...

Yes, there was a ban on assault weapons, but it expired. Hopefully this will get it back on the books. Why does any civilian need an assault weapon? In case we're invaded by aliens from Mars?!?

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