Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well, it didn't get markedly better after we got over the mountains. The front end started shaking and shimmying after we got over the mountains. We got to Grand Junction Sunday evening, and Monday morning I started calling around to try to get it in to get it checked. I called the Chev dealer who was advertising under recreational vehicle service and repair in the yellow pages, only to be told they don't work on RVs, they referred me to a RV repair place who said he was backed up until next week, but when I explained what was going on, he said it sounded like the tires, so he referred me to a commercial tire place. Called them, they said they don't do tires, but referred me to another place. Called them, told them what I had and what was happening, they said to come in Tuesday at 3 p.m. So Monday night my sister, neice, nephews and kids went out to supper.

Tuesday we went over to the Goodyear, saw it didn't even have a bay big enough to get the RV into, and then when they looked at the tires & said it needed new tires and an alignment, but they couldn't do the alignment & the tires would have to be special ordered, that just took the cake. They referred me to an alignment place, we went there, but they didn't do tires and wouldn't be able to do an alignment until Friday, but he called another place that said they could do the tires the next morning. So we went there the next morning and they got the new tires on, but their alignment guy was off, so they couldn't do an alignment. They strongly suggested getting one as soon as we could and not wait until we got home, so when we get closer to Montana, we're going to call a place in Billings and get it done.

Needless to say, I haven't been taking very many pictures. Grand Junction is very warm and there's been a heat wave going through too. 100s is NOT my kind of weather. So as soon as the tires were on and Scott, Mark & the kids got back from sightseeing up on the mesa, we gassed up & headed north. Right now were at a KOA in Craig, in northern Colorado. It's just about perfect, about 75° with a nice breeze. Tomorrow we're going to go to Dinosaur National Monument and then north along Flaming Gorge, then into Wyoming.

The following are photos from the Rocky Mountain National Park. Elaine, that IS your youngest sitting up on the rocks shooting pictures.

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