Thursday, March 20, 2008


What a awful, icky day! I spent quite a bit of it plunging and snaking the toilet and holding tank drain. It's my own fault, I have to admit. In an effort to keep Lukas clean, after a BM I've been using a baby wipe along with toilet paper to wipe him off. TERRIBLE MISTAKE! Now the holding tank is pretty much plugged up. David was kidding me that I should call Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs; I just kept my mouth shut and nodded my head. Mama didn't raise no dummy to be opening my mouth and talking while sewage is splashing on me. This summer I'm going to have the guys rip out all of this carpet and put in linoleum, and then give everything a bleach bath. Dang, I still feel dirty, even after showering and changing into clean clothes. But as Christian said, it's still better than being home with a winter storm watch. I guess so...

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