Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was checking the news this morning, part of my daily ritual, and had an article about NASA releasing 59 hi-res images in celebration of Hubble's 18th birthday. Here's one of the pictures:

"Arp 240 is a pair of similar-size spiral galaxies, NGC 5257 and NGC 5258. The galaxies are visibly interacting with each other via a bridge of dim stars. Both galaxies harbor supermassive black holes in their centers. Arp 240 is located in the constellation Virgo, approximately 300 million light-years away. (With the exception of a few foreground stars from our own Milky Way all the objects in this image are galaxies.)"

"...all the objects in this image are galaxies" Not solar systems, but galaxies!!! That just blows my mind away. I believe in the Bible's promise of a resurrection on this earth after Armageddon and the removal of Satan. That will be a time when man (and woman) can reach their true potential, without all the bad things each of us has to face in this system. When you look back at how much mankind has accomplished in just the past 50 years with all of our imperfections, what will we be able to do without greed, sickness, war, etc.? Look at our space program. Look at all of those galaxies. Look at all of the worlds there must be in those galaxies. Man has been an explorer since day one, and, as a person with itchy feet and a desire to explore, I am fascinated with these pictures.

On the business side, I got some more beads put on etsy and ebay. I HAVE to take notes so that when I do a bead that I really like, I can duplicate it. Here's one that I haven't the faintest idea of what went into it. I really like the opal colors in it:

And here's a couple I put on etsy. The shards and free form beads are fun to do, but my favorite is still the layers and plunges.

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