Friday, December 05, 2008


I sure am glad I don't live in Saudi Arabia. I follow several bloggers from the area, and one posted rules for dating (which in Saudi Arabia is illegal).

First on the list was to keep an eye out for cameras, because a photo of her with an unrelated male (although how anyone could tell because the woman is covered head to foot with only her eyes showing) could ruin her chances of ever getting married.

Next is the advice to have a confident know where she is going so that if she isn't back by a designated time, someone knows where she was headed. Sheesh, are the men in Saudi Arabia animals?!?

Next is to take a can of pepper spray along with and have a planned escape route. For a date!

Next is if they get passionate and she thinks about letting him kiss her, check his mouth for sores or blisters, since that might be a sign of STDs.

Next is to know how to make an emergency call or text message their equivalent of 911.

Next is the advice to not meet at an unknown or remote location. This advice is for the man as well, because if the girl's male relatives find out beforehand about the date, they may be trying to set the guy up so they can 'take revenge' on him for presuming to try to see their female relative.

Saudi Arabia has quite a long way to go to become civilized. Some people are trying to make changes, including their king, but it's a huge struggle to pull their country out of the 13th century.

On a funnier note, I woke up and heard some noises coming from Lukas' room, so I called his name and he didn't answer, so I jumped up, buck naked (good thing it was still dark), and ran into his room, thinking he was having a seizure. It was just Squeak throwing up.

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