Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I should have known that it was going to be a bad day when I dropped a bead when I was taking it out of the kiln. Strike #1.

Strike #2, looking out and seeing Frankie (the cat) grab a chickadee and run away with it. Good thing spring is coming, so I can get the hose hooked back up and spray the cats when they hang around the bird feeder.

Strike #3, working on a bead that WAS turning out half ways decent, and the fluorescent bulb by my face sizzled, breaks and starts smoking. I'm sitting there stunned, thinking 'mercury poisoning!' Probably could have eaten sushi for the rest of my life and gotten less mercury (not that I like eating raw meat anyway).

So that was it for me. I toddled on off to bed to curl up with a bag of potato chips and the rest of the Kathy Reichs book that I'm reading.

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hope you have a great weekend....

words can't describe what I know you're going through

thoughts are with you

potato chips... yum...

all my love

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