Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm a happy camper!! It's 22° above zero (after being -8° this morning). And Christian did the shopping today, bought me a new broom (doesn't take much to please me) and a foam mattress pad for my bed (hopefully it'll help me sleep a little bit better), and he went to the library. I had a couple of Kathy Reichs books and a Bones DVD in. AND my order of Double Helix glass came. They have a new color out, Aurae. It's a pinkish goldish metallic glass. I'm going to go make some beads!!


angelinabeadalina said...

That new glass sounds very pretty! Glad you got a bit of a "warm-up" :) Spring is coming, it really it...I hear the birds making a racket outside my window earlier and earlier each morning.


can't wait to see what you're making....

you have a great week

mona & the girls


hi .. could you please look at my todays post and pass along to all your friends ... this family needs our help
all our love
mona & the girls

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