Thursday, April 16, 2009


I do believe it's about time I went back on the happy pills. It seems all of my energy is coming out in tears. Jim and Cindy are out of town, and the couple they asked to take Lukas to the Kingdom Hall for tonight's meeting didn't know about his seizures. When I called them to ask if they knew, and told them if they didn't want to take him, it was OK. They declined, and to be honest, I don't blame them one bit. Even after 22 years of it, the seizures still scare me. And the neurologist's office called today, and he wants to get another blood level on Lukas. When I explained that they had to puncture him 4 times last time to get any blood, she said she'd talk to the doctor.

Just a struggle to do anything today. My big accomplishment, washed some rugs and finished putting a gate on the horse stand for Amber. She's broken 2 halters while trying to trim her hooves, and this is a last resort. And now, being I can't find any inspiration to do beads, I'm scanning negatives to put on my website.

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