Sunday, May 31, 2009


It's a good thing that I had an artistic bent and was able to make a living that way, because I sure don't have any luck as a farmer. Frosted pumpkins and melons last night, chickens are jumping up into the stock tank and eating my tomato plants, and the calf got into the garden and pulled up half my sweet corn.

And this is what gets me through the winter???

Well, at least my hummingbirds and orioles like me.


angelinabeadalina said...

bummer about the frost. Is there still time to plant your pumpkins and melons again? If it'll make you feel any better, my mom planted her garden one day, planted some for my sister in a patch right beside it the next day, and now has to replant hers...all the stuff she did for Susie came right up, and hers didn't even sprout so she replanted. I don't know about chickens, LOL, they're so dumb in so many ways but they sure know how to help themselves to good eats. said...

very cute... my girlfriend lives in Bend Or... thats what she gets to.. frost..she keeps her tomatoes on a rolling planter so she can move into the garage :)
mona & the girls

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