Monday, November 23, 2009

Gads, has it been that long since I updated?

Well, I have an excuse. Been busy laying out a calendar that we’re setting up to sell for fundraising. The Wacko hired a lawyer and has asked for a change of venue and proof of our accusations. LOL, oh, that won’t be difficult at all. She is the one who said, ‘Google is forever.’ Must not have thought about all those cookie and bead sales from Etsy that she had the last couple of years, the ones that show her selling beads that she claimed she was making in Italy (ones she had bought from other lampworkers), and the screenshops of her cookie shop saying she was baking cookies in her bakery in Waco, Texas. Plus the screenshots of the fraud website being registered to her address. Still shaking my head in disbelief.

Oh, well, I’ve got better things to do than shake my head. Like making beads!
My favorite glass, Aurae:
A Galaxy bead with a touch of Aurae:
And be darned if I can remember what was in this one besides Olympic Rain:
OK, off to make some more.

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