Thursday, November 05, 2009

If anyone is wondering why I haven’t been posting much about the Wacko, it’s because since the 26th of October, she posted 42 more people on her blog, and I just gave up trying to keep up with her. Coincidentally, that was the day she was served in regards to the lawsuit. It’s like she has a complete disregard for the law. She’s totally ignored cease and desist letters. I wonder what’s going to happen.


SueBeads said...

She's still listing people - does she even have any idea who these people are? Is there any info on whether she responded or not? She's so nuts - is her "bakery" selling anything? I heard she was at a bead show - is she "making" beads?

betsymn said...

I really don't think she does any kind of investigating, considering she's posting people who aren't even online anymore. But then what do you expect from someone who reports people from Oregon for not paying sales tax, when Oregon doesn't have a sales tax.

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