Thursday, January 14, 2010

Framesets and rollovers and target images... I’m pulling my hair out!!!!

I give up. I’m trying to make a photo album for my pen and ink drawings, and my ACEOs. And then I want to make photo albums of family photos. My mother was wonderful at taking photos throughout our lives, so there are literally thousands of photos. iWeb is extremely limited is flexibility, so I thought I’d try Freeway Pro again. For a commercial program it is very, very sparse on directions. Their manual is extremely weak, and after a week of reading and playing with it, I’ve finally figured out how to do rollovers and target images, to realize that this just isn’t going to work. There are too many steps to make a photo album. So I have two alternatives, Expression Media (which was a wonderful program until Microsoft purchased it) and Photoshop, to make photo albums. Expression Media easily makes photo albums, but the thumbnails are horribly bitmapped. Photoshop makes photo albums, but again, it’s extremely limited in ability to personalize the appearance.

Back to the drawing board...

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