Friday, January 01, 2010

Good riddance to 2009. It was a year of pain, emotional and physical. Enough said.

Welcome, 2010. Here’s hoping it ends with more fun than it started. Get up, let the dogs out, beat the kittens away from the front door because they like to chase my birds, start the fire in the wood stove (-2 out there, it’s nippy), break up a fight between Frankie and Baby (cats), hear some yowling coming from my studio, go in there to find Peaches has wormed her way into the ferret cage (door is wired shut with a 2“ opening to keep the cats out of there) and Fang (the ferret) has her helpless by grabbing the nape of her neck. Amazing how a ferret 1/6 the size can disable a cat. So I have to get the door unwired (how the heck did she get it there?!?) and pry Fang off of her. So while I’m there, I might as well clean the cage, then both the litter boxes. Then I finally get to sit down with a cup of coffee. Might as well add a dash of buttershots to it. :)

A good start for the new year, more stupid pet and bead photos. This one is of S.C. (Scaredy Cat) watching my embroidery machine move by itself. She is just fascinated with this machine. Last night I had to chase her away from it because she was trying to bat the needle as it was moving.

Some of my favorite beads:

Here’s wishing a peaceful and loving upcoming year to all.


Kitties & Cupcakes said...

Sounds like the craziness at our house too. The stray cat we've been trying to catch showed up again. He always comes on holidays for a meal. LOL I love the second bead. The colors are pretty! Hope your critters settle down and let you get some rest. ( :

Teresa said...

Lovely beads - their detail is incredible.

betsymn said...

Thank you!

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