Monday, April 05, 2010

I’ve been missing David this past week, and when I was driving home today, I realized that his birthday would have been Friday. I miss the good times we had.

My sister has been nagging me to update my blog. I had to go down to Roseville today to take my computer in. It was having a brain spasm and wouldn’t start. They think it was a software update that didn’t properly install, so they reinstalled the system. Fortunately, I back up all of my data, and Apple has this really neat feature of offering to pull in user data from your backup hard drive, so I didn’t have to re-install any programs or serial numbers. VERY nice!!

I love flowers! These are in my studio, orchids, tulips and fushia.

Now on to the pets. Here’s Buddy sleeping. Oh, how I wish I could sleep like them. They just pass out!
And here is Baby, sleeping in the kitchen garden window, just soaking up the sun.
Flowers and pets, how do people do without them?


kelleysbeads said...

Strength to you as you weather through these birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates that you shared with David.

All of your pics of the ferrets make me so heartsick for having my own. It has been seven years since our last three crossed over that bridge and I think I may finally be ready for ferrets again. Maybe.

Kira said...

My home has also got some flowers and pets, and I don't think I'd be near as happy without them! I just stumbled across your blog, and I've read a couple pages back. Your story is inspiring and your glasswork beautiful. I'll keep reading :) I hope you have a great week.

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