Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, never a dull moment on these trips... The refrigerator isn't cooling (the freezer works just fine), the water pump isn't working, no water to flush the toilet when we're driving, the shower isn't draining, and now Scott's face is swelling up (he said it happened once before, had to go in and get put on antibiotics). So we're heading down to Billings and he's going to go to a doctor. The bright side? We're in Montana!!

Yesterday we went through the northern badlands, the real sign that we're in western country. Here they are, and here's Scottie, sitting in the same spot as he did 5 years ago:

If things go right, we're going to get off of the freeway after we hit Billings and start meandering our way up to Glacier National Park. Oh, and I guess Lukas is just going to be stuck with cable tv when we can get it. I forgot the satellite remote at home. What can I say, other than it wasn't on the list of things to take.

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