Monday, September 06, 2010

It’s amazing how much damage one little ferret can do to a dozen orchids.

We were gone Saturday morning and when we got back, Chunk had use a small wooden box to jump up on the chair, and then onto one of my photography desk, spilled a vase of water, then went along the window sills into my orchids, every single one of them. Dirt all over my computer and glass desk.

Well, the upshot is that my glass desk is all nice and clean now.

Now talk about a kid in a candy store, Frantz had Double Helix’s new glass, Kalypso, in their store, so I had to order that, and then Double Helix posted a bunch of experimental glasses on their website this afternoon. Now I’ve got to get some beads sold to stay ahead of the game.

Dreary, cloudy day, with tons of mosquitoes. I’ve been trying to get out to do some planting and weeding, but even dousing myself with OFF, they’re still getting me. They’ve been just awful this year.

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