Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We went down to the farm this past weekend to try to get more stuff salvaged from the old house, which is slowly collapsing. My grandmother had to be put in a nursing home in the early 60s because of dementia, so her house had to be sold to cover the costs. My mom packed up everything and moved it to the house on our farm, which wasn’t being used, since by then she had remarried (my dad died in a farming accident when I was a baby).

When I was a little girl, I would go up into grandma’s attic and pluck away at her ukelin (I was quite surprised when I googled it and saw utube videos showing it being played with a bow). Well, that was one of the treasures we found. I opened the box and was relieved to see it looked in excellent condition, but when I got home and pulled it out of the box to show my boys, I saw that the strings had never been loosened when it was put in the box, and between that and the dampness, both ends have pulled up. I’m hoping that a friend who repairs guitars will be able to fix it.
I wonder about its history. I never saw grandma play it. I wonder if it was from her mom or dad.

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