Friday, January 21, 2011

-22.5° this morning, sigh. I am so tired of the cold. On the bright side, I saw a 29° (above zero!!!) in the extended forecast.

The chimney guy came yesterday and looked at the chimney. He said there was minimal damage, but he’s going to write up an estimate on getting it relined and if I have the money this summer, I may do that. He also said we could get flexible rods at the hardware store in Princeton so we can clean the flue from the bottom instead of going up on the roof, so Christian is running up there today. He said the chimney was almost clogged, and because our stove is so old, it’s not airtight and that makes for more creosote buildup. But I refuse to replace it. This is the stove that my Mom’s family used to heat their house when she was a kid. It’s a lovely wood-grained brown enamel, and it is just so toasty warm.

I got another bunch of test glasses from Double Helix yesterday, so I’m off to see what I can get them to do. I sure wish they would make another batch of Dark Aurae. It is my most favorite glass, but it’s an odd lot, so they may never make another batch. :( These are a couple of beads made with Dark Aurae. Getting the green is a hit-or-miss, it just depends on the oxygen-propane proportions and how long I flash it. There’s no telling how it will turn out, which makes it more fun.

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