Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gertrude and the twins are doing fine. We’ve named the calves Whopper and Wendy (animals destined for the butcher get names that remind us that they aren’t pets). It will be a couple of years before it’s time for them to leave, so by then we’ll be able to tell if Wendy is fertile or not. If she’s not, then we can think of her as Wendy’s Burger, or something like that.

We’ve finally gotten some snow, so I’ve been keeping them locked up in the barn. Pretty soon I’ll start letting them out during the day and introduce them to the snow. It looks like we’re getting into the March swing of things, with snowstorms piling up. There are two more systems moving in this week.

I lifted this from a talented glassworker, Sarah Hornik, http://www.glassbysarah.com/. So true!

I’m still in a beadmaking rut, so I’ve been continuing with murrini making. Here’s some of my better experiments,
I’m amazed at how much encasing can change the look of glass. Here’s an example,
It’s what making working with glass exciting (and sometimes frustrating). You just never know what you’re going to come out with.

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