Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, what a dreary day, it’s been snizzling, and the weather forecast is snow/rain/cloudy for the rest of the week. Sigh, I want some warm sunshine.

My nephew and his ex came up a couple of days ago to do some work. Scott has been staining and varnishing an oak door for me, and Jenelle cleaned my ceiling fans!! I walk through the house and look at them, and think, gee, I really should clean those, and then, blah, I’ll go wash some dishes instead. So I was quite happy to see her doing that! Hopefully we’ll get enough snow this week that they’ll be able to come up with Scottie and do some snowmobiling. It was enjoyable, standing out by the barn with them, watching the twins run around with their tails kinked, enjoying the sunshine. Just call it a family moment. :)

I’ve got amaryllis blooming!
Beautiful bright colors!!!!

I’m still in a rut, struggling to find something to do besides go to bed and curl up under a nice warm blanket with a good book, with a dog on each side of me. I’ve been trying to keep making beads, even though there’s no creative urge to do so. Right now the most creativity I’ve got has been going into making more murrini. Here’s two of my latest:
I really should list some beads, but I think instead I’m going to go make some more earring pairs, just until it’s late enough to turn on the blankies.

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