Saturday, June 30, 2012

Having a ribeye steak has not only a feeling of satisfaction on producing a quality product on your own farm, but it also has a bit of feeling of payback.

6:45 a.m., a call from Lynn, our neighbor, ‘I have a cow by my garage!’ So wake up Christian, get a bucket of feed and start calling the cows to get them to come up by the barn. I was cussing, wondering how the heck they got through 4 strands of barbed wire, and thinking, ‘OK, maybe put up a strand of electric wire on the inside of the barbed wire fence?’ and dreading having to do that in this heat. So the cows are coming in from 2 different pastures, and there running up the driveway is Chuck, last year’s spring calf. How the heck did he get through the barbed wire?!? Then comes one of the twins. All the rest come in from the pastures. Ah hah! I know how they got out! I had left the big barn door open to clean barn, and they shinnied under or over the inside pen. When they’re that young, they are like deer, over and under.

Cows are all back together, barn door is shut, and I’m going to finish my computer work and try to make some beads before it gets too warm.

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