Tuesday, June 05, 2012

If I have have any doubts about who rules this house, all I have to do is look at the way I start my day.

  1. Get up and go open the doggie door.
  2. Run for the bathroom and get Pip to come in with me so she doesn’t go into Lukas’ room and wake him up.
  3. Go to the kitchen after getting Squeak out of Lukas’ bedroom and get the bedroom doors shut up so the boys can sleep a while longer. Feed the dogs their can of dog food, one spoonful at a time, with them taking turns.
  4. Head out with all three dogs and try to get Squeak to do all of her business outside. Supervise so Suka doesn’t try playing with either of the little ones while they’re taking care of business.
  5. Head on back to the kitchen and divide up a can of cat food into three dishes, one for K.C., one for Honey (my studio cat), and one for the outside cats. Put them in their respective spots.
  6. Make my coffee and head to the studio to catch up on my email and the news.

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