Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am just wiped, with good reason. I went to the dentist today and had a crown put on a broken tooth, had all of the fillings on that side of the mouth replaced, and had an occlusal adjustment (ground the teeth to re-align my jaw), and hopefully the last will help with these daily headaches. Thank goodness for conscious sedation, because I don't remember too much of it all. I've been a big baby about going to dentists since I was a teenager, when the dentist shot enough Novocain into my mouth to kill a horse (his words), and I was still crying from the pain. In January I get to go back and have the fillings from the other side of my mouth replaced. When he first explained that fillings had a limited life span, I was dubious, but they really do! So anyway, I'm playing recliner chair couch potato for a while longer. So much fun!

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