Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just a couple bird photos, and a few stupid pet pics:
Cardinals! I’ve had a family of 3 males and a female hanging around lately,
It’s quite a zoo around here at times. Here’s Pry joining me on the recliner while I was trying to sew,
Suka and Pyr playing, with Pip trying to hump Pry (it’s a dominance thing),
I rearranged my computer and peripherals to get the computer up off the floor (too dusty), so my hard drives are on the shelf along side the satellite receiver. Well, obviously Honey missed the warmth of the hard drives.
They are now moved, hopefully to a little less precarious spot.
And the other morning Peaches showed up with a packing peanut stuck to her nose!
Suka found it quite interesting,

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