Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A fun night ahead if my torch cooperates. I got a new shipment of glass in, with some new colors. I’m done getting them entered into inventory, now I have to label the new rods so I can make some test beads.


We also got our first load of hay in today. He bought a round bale, so when I get my tractor back I’m going to put the bale spear on it to see if my old 8N is got enough horsepower to lift it. If it does, we’ll get the next load in round bales, because then we’ll use the tractor to carry hay as long as we can get to the feeder with it. Once we get decent snow, we have to switch to the snowmobile and sleds to haul flakes out.

I don’t remember such a bee/wasp-busy year before. Christian took down my Baltimore Oriole feeder because there were so many bumblebees and wasps on it, the orioles wouldn’t even come near it. Here’s some bumblebees busy on a flower,


And next year I have to remember to plant more of the four o’clocks and nicotiana up closer to the house. They smell so, so lovely!


And finally, a hummer visiting some of my glads,


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