Sunday, January 19, 2014

Well, we had our January thaw, so now it’s back to the deep freeze, sigh. It’s 34° right now, downright balmy, but by tomorrow night it’s going to be -15°. I WANT SPRING!!!!!!

One of the few things I like about winter (other than my nice warm electric blanket and wood stove) is that I’m pretty much confined to the house, so I do get stuff done. I did a couple more murrini pulls (no photos yet, but they weren’t all that exciting), and I’ve gotten quite a bit more done on my elk drawing. Working with watercolors is much, much faster, I’ve found, than working with colored pencils. Colored pencils are laid down layer after layer after layer to get the coloring to look realistic, but it’s kind of like quilting, keeping the hands busy while focusing the mind on something else, like an audiobook. Here’s the progress so far,


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