Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Every cold wave for the past month and a half, I say ‘This has to be the last one, it has to start warming up!’ The sun was kind of shining yesterday, and I so wanted to get outside and play in the dirt with my bobcat, but with everything still covered in snow and a frigid NW wind, it didn’t happen. It’s 6° right now, and that NW wind is still blowing. So very, very, very tired of winter.

I’ve been playing with a new style of beads. I think I’ll try putting some murrini on the next one I make.
My parrot drawing is progressing. As usual, I’m not entirely happy with the progress. Maybe after a few more watercolor washes to pop the color I’ll like it better.
And a little humor for the day,


Kathleen said...

Beautiful Silver Glass Bicone Beads Elizabeth, and I am just in awe over your ACE drawings.....so happy I stumbled upon your blog, I am bookmarking it right now! :D
As ever,
Kathleen aka Chibi Kat on LE.

betsymn said...

Thank you!

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