Monday, May 18, 2015

I’ve been reminded that I need to update my blog, and listening to the news tonight, I just had to share the ludicrousness.

Lester Holt, “A legendary daredevil’s final dive. What went wrong in the dark of night in Yosemite?”

What went wrong?!? The guy jumped off a cliff!! That’s what went wrong! I wish the media would quit making these people into heroes to be admired for their ‘pushing it to the limit.’

Our weather is see-sawing, yesterday it was hot and humid, and tonight there’s frost and freeze warnings. We’ve had some nice in-between days, and I’ve enjoyed sitting in the dirt and pulling quack grass. Something so satisfying about getting my hands dirty and pulling those runners out. This next week is going to be busy, it’s time to get the tomatoes out and all of my dahlias, glads and canna bulbs planted.

We have lots of birds this time of the year, red wing blackbirds, goldfinches, grosbeaks and orioles. Here’s a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak,IMG_2537-2015-05-18-18-17.jpg
a female Grosbeak,
and I don’t know about this one (an immature male?), I’ve never seen one with this marking,
A purple or house finch (I can never tell them apart),
a Yellow Warbler?,
and a beautiful Indigo Bunting,
Some chuckles:

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