Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wed. 10/11/06

It’s been a non-productive week, kind of. Fired up the kiln last night to anneal my beads, and blew the fuse 3 times! Finished up by running an extension cord to another outlet. I will be so glad when the boys get my electric in the studio hooked up, but it probably won’t be for another month. I HAVE to get them to re-do the ramp in front. They have just a temporary one right now, and when Lukas & I went out this morning, the moisture on the wood had frozen, and his feet shot right out from under him, and he ended up flat on his back. I slowed his fall a little, but at 170 lbs. I can’t catch him like I could 10 yrs. ago.

Today it was back to work. I was happy because I figured I was going to have Friday off because we’re on early deadline this week, but my supervisor said I have to fill in Friday for the proofreader. Bummer!

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