Thursday, February 15, 2007


Thursday, 2/15/07
Well, it's one step forward and 1/2 step back. We're in Pensacola, Florida. We stopped at the RV place in Baton Rouge this morning, and the idiot who told us to bring it in Thursday didn't know what he was talking about. When we got there, they said they were 3 days backed up. I begged and one of the guys came out and checked the windshield wiper motor. Turns out it wasn't getting a good ground, so he ran a new ground wire. Scott's juryrigged 2nd arm on the wiper broke though. But if it rains I can go out and fix the wiper with a Bic lighter and some tape.

We stopped at another RV place in Pensacola, and asked if they could tell me how to fix the drain so we could hook up to water. The girl came out & looked at it, then went in and got one of the mechanics, and he showed me how to do it. The girl, though, when she knelt down, ripped her pants seam. They weren't going to charge me anything for it, so I made the girl take $20.

So now we're stopped at a KOA east of Pensacola. I hooked up the water and a few minutes later, water came pouring out of the tire well of the RV. Went in and there was water spraying out from the back of our brand new toilet. The idiots at Shorewood didn't do something right. So now we're back to using jugs of water to flush the toilet, and no hot water until we get this fixed. I'm going to try calling the RV place in Pensacola and see if they can get us in in the morning.

Things have to start getting better eventually, don't they?

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