Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More of 2/13/07

Meanderings, now that I've settled down. SW Arkansas: 90% of the houses are about the size of a small trailer house, and half of them look like they're abandoned, and the other half look like they should be abandoned. The ones that are abandoned don't have lots of trash in the front yard. Very poor part of the country, but not as poor as Mississippi. Lots of people in Arkansas raise cattle.

There must be a lot of political power playing in their transportation department. The road we were driving on would be potholed and narrow for a few miles, then it would widen up with nice new tar and wide shoulder for a few miles, then back to old and narrow, etc. That went on from Mena to the Texas border.

There is a lot, LOT, lot of uninhabited land in Louisiana. From Shreveport to Alexandria to Baton Rouge, once you got out of town, there was maybe one truck stop/casino. Then it was miles on miles of pine forests, no houses, ranches, small towns, just forests.

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