Saturday, June 02, 2007


Time is just rolling along here. It's already June. Lukas has just 5 days of school left. It's a sad time, and yet, I'm kind of glad. I've been just a tiny bit scared of him being at school since our little helicopter ride to St. Paul Children's Hospital because they wouldn't give him the valium to stop a seizure. I know I can't protect him fully; I have to let him have his own life. I just can't help the way I feel about that.

I'm being selfish too. I enjoy being able to get up before everyone else and have several hours to do my stuff.

I've got more beads on ebay.

I've been doing OK on my paintings too. I think I like oils better than the acrylics. There's just a richer feel to it. I'm the furtherest along on the cheetah painting. I got stuck on the fur for awhile, but then decided to tone that down and be a little looser.

It's still got a ways to go.
The boys are rolling along on the ramp. It turned out bigger than I envisioned, but that's OK! It's going to be nice when it's done. Elaine said they're coming up tomorrow to get it finished enough to attach to the old sidewalk so Lukas can use it.

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Lynne said...

the cheetah and the horse pics are beautiful! it was nice talking with you today, takeit easy.

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